Monday, August 3, 2009

How To Stop Blushing For Good? This Is The Best Place To Start

To be able to control or dramatically reduce blushing really depends on the root cause. There are two main causes of blushing so let's look at them both right now -
  • Psychological causes
Many believe that blushing is not natural. However, the confusion lies in that blushing itself is perfectly natural and the fact is some have more tendencies to blush than others. In some people, blushing is more distinct than in others which, for those concerned about blushing, can add to the psychological issues related to self consciousness - basically meaning the person is conscious and embarrassed about their blushing. This can cause a manifestation in the blush as they become more aware of it and become more embarrassed as a result.
The solution therefore, is to overcome the psychological triggers that make us feel embarrassed in order to 'break the circuit' and stop this vicious circle.
One of the most effective, drug free solutions is hypnotherapy. There are many ways to use this method and the best part is that it can be done from home so there is less anxiety experienced whilst trying to overcome your blushing issues.
Another more advanced and specialist psychological treatment is cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT). This is a very powerful method that has evolved over time to become one of the most talked about, drug free ways to treat almost any psychological disorder and has been well documented to treat sufferers of excessive blushing or people who feel in their own mind that the reddening of the cheeks or face is a serious problem (even though no-one else does).
  • Physical causes
Everyday exercises or extensive workouts can cause facial redness but this is not to be confused with blushing. It's more common and expected to have a red face after a workout or lifting something heavy but becomes more difficult for the sufferer when in 'normal' circumstances such as in social situations or other relaxed environments. However, some people are more prone to blushing not as a result of psychological triggers but simple due to chemical reactions or even as a result of their blood pressure alone.
These seemingly uncontrollable triggers can often be accounted for by certain foods or drinks we consume, smoking, drugs or for women - by menopause is a common trigger of blushing and facial redness in general.
The best plan of action is to decide which of the main two 'trigger groups' listed above, you fall into. Is it psychological or simply a result of a physical reaction (something you eat, exercise?)
I might suggest that the more common trigger of blushing is a psychological one. But the problem, as I mentioned before, becomes self manifested and becomes worse than it was originally perceived to this manifestation.
The way to stop blushing is to start taking a pro-active approach to your problem (which by reading this you're already on the right path). Decide which group of triggers you belong to and start experimenting with the various treatments available today.
Finally, please do not consider surgery as the ultimate fix for blushing. Surgery can be performed for blushing but is usually only effective when the blushing is caused from an uncontrollable trigger such as high blood pressure, glandular problems or a sympathetic nervous system (which is also a common trigger for excessive sweating).
However I would strongly recommend that you research the many available methods on the market today to help you overcome this issue. There are many resources and fellow sufferers to support you and that share the same issues. Just remember you're not alone and you're not without hope of a resolution to uncomfortable blushing.
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